My Proustian Moment

Posted on February 10, 2011


Dustedoff’s special eye-candy post on Robert Mitchum (and my massive oversight while creating my eye-candy list) has inspired me to do a similar special eye-candy post on the gorgeousness that is Christian Bale.

What I like best about him is that his appeal is so understated and subtle that if you are not careful, you might miss him altogether. Unlike other eye-candy material, good looks are not the core of his appeal (although we will drool to death over the sheer aesthetics of his cheekbone a few paragraphs from now). In fact, he had escaped my radar for such a long time that I must attribute it to my lousy memory rather than any Bale-ness.

I first noticed him as Laurie in Little Women and made a mental note to watch out for “this Bale guy” and promptly forgot all about him. Some years later, I saw The Prestige and raved about how clever the film is; yet, I failed to realize that the Bale guy is in it. Then I saw Equilibrium, a most ridiculous film, and again made no connection. Then I saw Batman Begins and thought it was hardly as great as people said but still no mental connection. Then I saw The Dark Knight and thought Heath Ledger was scintillating. But no synaptic connection. Oh, and in between S told me about how Christian Bale (emphasis mine) had lost a ridiculous amount of weight for a role and yours truly thinks “some De Niro wannabe” and shrugs it off!

I finally GOT it, when I saw The Portrait of a Lady and something about the way Bale turned his head in a particular scene made me go “Hey! The Laurie guy… hummm…so he plays bit parts in period films” and congratulate myself on what I believed was a rare Bale sighting! The feeling of serendipity lasted a few seconds and then, I had my Proustian moment.

Now, coming back to the purpose of this post: Ladies, here are some sights for sore eyes:

By the way, the man says that he absolutely hates posing for photographs.

It often happens that when you learn a new word, you find it everywhere. The same thing happened in this case. Once I became aware of him, I find a link to the infamous 4-minute rant in a long-forgotten e-mail forward; I find I had films of his that I had never bothered to see before; I find Bale films playing on the movie channels; and I get two almost back-to-back Bale releases — Terminator Salvation and Public Enemies. What more can a girl ask for?

Well, there is one thing. Most of the characters he plays are grim and dour or when they loosen up, it is to land an axe on a colleague’s head. So, a friend, who is a fellow-Bale lover, and I decided that what we really want is for him to do one dashing, leading man sort of role and we will be in heaven. 

Just imagine what a modern-day Casablanca with Bale would be like!!

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